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Über diese Zeitschrift

This is the journal for East, at the end of the GDR. Formerly known as Prussia, this once grand empire is a bit delusional in thinking he's still as strong and powerful as he was before the rise of Germany after the Franco-Prussian War. During WW1 and WW2, Prussia became the Free State of Prussia (East Germany) and East Prussia (now Kaliningrad Oblast), and the ethno-cultural group in Northeastern Germany. Prussia and Germany were both hard pressed by the harsh reparations after WW1; and Prussia, being obsessed with being cool and 'edgy' was a major supporter of the Nazi party--until he began to see what the hell it was doing to his friends and family. Staying 'edgy', he became a major supporter of disabling the Nazi party, which completely backfired when the Nazis completely dismantled and absorbed Prussia, and when the Allies handed him over to Russia. This, at the end of WW2, is the birth of the G(D)DR.

It is now 44 years later. Hungary has dismantled the barriers between himself and his former husband, Austria, and the East Germans are fleeing to her in an effort to get into West Germany and away from the Soviets. It is the eve of one of the biggest events in the history of the Soviet Union: the fall of the Berlin Wall.