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As stated in the free text on the side, this Prussia comes from the time of ultimate dissent in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc. Also, considering the canon and realistic history of the character a bit more than this 'mun has witnessed in the past with other Prussia's. Character relationships are a bit skewed. Also to be noted, [personal profile] ost_ausfall is the future incarnation of [livejournal.com profile] twosidedwar.

Russia - Prussia thinks of his once ally and friend now as a psychotic captor, but keeps that mostly to himself and his journals. He does as he's told because the alternative is meeting the business end of the pipe. Occasionally he defaults to old familiarity like they had before World War One, but for the most part he ignores Russia as best he can. Because Prussia was both Northeastern Germany and East Prussia, a part of him really clings to Russia--that part is Twānksta, or Kaliningrad, the only truly German/Prussian part left in Kaliningrad Oblast. The rest of him is ready to get the hell out of dodge.

Poland - Poland is still bitter about...well...everything. Prussia, for the most part, just wishes Poland would get off his back about it already; he's gotten over the whole partitions and invasion thing, why can't Poland? They mutually commiserate how miserable it is under Russia, and occasionally Poland manages to get Prussia cigarettes from Estonia who smuggles them in from Finland.

the Baltics: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - Are sisters and all three are also a little bitter about the whole Nazi invasion thing, but are not nearly as vocally aggressive about it because they understand that Prussia was one of the leading dismantling forces from inside the Nazi government as well. He appreciates Estonia for the risk of her cigarette smuggling, thinks Lithuania is going to make herself sick and dead one day if she keeps worrying so much, and alternatively thinks Latvia is REALLY FREAKING ADORABLE (not that he'll say it out loud) and one scary ass messed up little kid.

Belarus and Ukraine - BITTER! He doesn't really get why, and doesn't really have the gall to ask because he's pretty sure it will get him smacked and/or stabbed and he'd rather keep from bleeding, thank you very much.

Hungary - Part of him really wants to get back to how they were when they were children, part of him is still a little weirded out that he got married and stuff, and part of him really worries about him. He and Hungary spend a decent amount of time together, commiserating being separated from the people they're closest to, getting drunk, plotting revenge on Russia for something they feel they had no part in and shouldn't be involved in, smoking cigarettes, having drunken licentious sex, and generally being depressive sacks of shit. When he breaks through his part of the 'iron curtain', Prussia's the first one to hop the border.

Germany - Prussia is at once desperate to go back to his brother and terrified that doing so will actually kill him. He knows that when the wall comes down, there will be no more Prussia--the language is long dead, the culture is barely alive, and he doesn't exist on a map. Still, he longs for the connection with his brother that he's felt since the Unification of the German State. Being with West might mean he dies, but Prussia is more than willing to take that chance to see his brother again. (His feelings may or may not be romantic, depending on the feelings of the Germany. If Germany thinks of him as a brother, Prussia thinks of him as a brother; if he thinks of him as something more, Prussia is totally willing to jump that mantrain.)

the West: England and America - Prussia is incredibly bitter to them for letting the Nazis destroy him entirely and handing him over to Russia though he played an integral part in the fall of the Nazis, which England at least acknowledges. He lets his bitterness cloud a lot of his judgment concerning the two of them, ignoring past alliances in the same way he yearns for the old alliances he had with Russia.

France and Spain - He doesn't have much contact with them, as their both on the other side of the wall. Spain still writes him regularly, but France has been incredibly distant since the war, which Prussia will willingly acknowledge is totally his bad.

Standard How's My Driving! What's working? What isn't? Should I can him? Should I lay back on the German? Do I need better icons? Should I shut up now?


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